Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Whitney 4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201

Well here we go!~

The Whitney is a beautiful restaurant. The atmosphere is very lovely and inviting. Being a Northern California girl and having traveled extensively I've eaten at a lot of places and my palate is very sensitive. I enjoyed the food, and the staff was extremely professional and attentive. They do make a lot of effort to make your time, and experience a enjoyable one. The appetizers were great but the "Whitney Wellington" was just a little too dry for my taste, even with the sauce. As I bit into it I didn't have the tasteful experience I thought I would. The eggplant Bruschetta was to die for though and very enjoyable.

My accompaniment had the salmon which was cooked to perfection. I do believe that some places have "off nights" and can't be perfect every sitting. I do think that they deserve a second "sitting" so to speak so I will be reviewing them again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

La Feria~ 4130 CASS DETROIT MICHIGAN 48201

La Feria in Detroit on Cass, near Wayne State.. This little hideaway we found in January is AMAZING!. We found this place on 1/18 when we were actually attempting to go to the Whitney. We missed our reservations and decided to try it out. This food is amazingly fresh, hot, delicious, aromatic and filling. La Feria is a Spanish Tapas Bar in the heart of Detroit near Wayne State. It's smile but very welcoming and inviting. On our first experience this was our menu

Grilled Pork, Cumin, Rice Sausage.

My palate is SO sensitive, that most times I don't eat out. I can not only smell every herb, but fully taste every ingredient. And listen, a lot of people cook with cumin, but incorrectly. This sausage is a little charred, but soft, almost a buttery texture with the perfect amount of cumin. The marriage of the subtle flavors ignite the sense and awaken the taste buds. 

ChampiƱones en Salsa Verdevv
Grilled Portabella. Sauce of Parsley, Lemon & Garlic

These mudrooms were impeccably divine. I could have had a little more of the sauce drizzled. But I think that can be determined by each patron. Too much might overwhelm the freshness of the mushroom. 

Berenjenas Fritasv
Fried Eggplant. Honey.

This eggplant was a palate's favorite. It was lightly battered and salted then drizzled with delicious honey. Whoever thought of eggplant and honey? Well they did! And eggplant for me will NEVER be the same!

Tocino Relleno de Datil
Bacon Wrapped Dates. Stuffed with Almond.

The happy treat is I must say, my favorite. First you taste the smoky salty bacon, then you reach the chewy sweet dates then alas! The crunchy almond inside. It is a delicious treat that I wish I could have everyday to savor. The owner (whom I've spoken too) really knows how to combine favors, taste and textures in a completely compatible way.

We also had the house Sangria which was somewhat sweet, spicy with fresh fruit. It was the perfect pairing with our meal. To this day when we go to nosh at La Feria, we enjoy a fresh glass of La Feria. 

At our last few outings we've tried

Pincho Moruno
Moorish-style Grilled Pork or Chicken on Skewer.

We had the Pork which was soft white meat with a delicate curry

 Gambas al Ajillogf
Seared Shrimp. Garlic. Dried Chilis.

Perfect addition to the menu, not too spicy and perfectly prepared

Fried Cod. Adobo Seasoning

We're committed to trying a new dish every time we go. This was also a very delightful surprise to our taste buds. The cod was crunchy on the outside and soft and meaty on the inside. Not thin or watery, but very full pieces of fresh fish. 

Even as I'm writing this food blog my stomach is calling me to La Feria.. "Fight the rain and go Shawn" It's saying.. and I might just answer.. It's only been two weeks but I'm jones-ing for it!

La Feria is small and you may have to wait for a table. But trust me when I tell you, it's more than worth the wait!

Jeremy's Restaurant (Keggo Harbor)


My name is Shawn Blandford and I live in the GREAT state of Michigan. I relocated BACK to Michigan after about 5 years living in the south DFW area. I am a Northern California Girl, KITCHEN DIVA, dedicated herbologist and adventurous foodie! Having lived in Michigan before I had some time to focus on great little spots (and some not so great) food spots in Michigan. Some I will be revisiting (like Keego Harbor) to give them a second taste. In 2006 I was expecting my first child and during my difficult pregnancy, my taste buds were just completely whacked off! I couldn't stand to smell meat cooking or raw anything. So I've decided to go back to some places and try their menus again for a second look.

One of those places will be Jeremy's Restaurant & Bar at 1978 Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320. My husband took me out for a nice dinner at this place in 2006 just for some fun. Residing in Napa Valley and working at the wineries, owning my catering company.. I know good food when I taste it. I was extremely disappointed with the menu choices, venue and food. The place was packed, a LOT of people were complaining about the wait and we were packed into the place like sardines. We were sat at a table where two other tables were neck and neck with ours.

We then were bought some of the house hummus which was chock-filled with corn.. Yes I said CORN! it was just disgusting. The meal just got worse from there.. The salad brought to us.. had corn in it. I almost wanted to go back and ask if they were trying to get (corn) rid of it. Many people were complaining about the food within earshot. When I returned to Michigan this past December, I was surprised to see they had won the open table award in 2010. Because quite frankly the food was disturbing and "many people"  complained about the quality of the cuisine and service. It was very poorly put together meal, the marriage of tastes did not fit, and the food was very poorly presented.

However when I looked online today I was surprised to see them with a different menu. So I am looking forward to going back actually, to see how much they've improved their study of the human palate. I believe at the time of our visit they were pretty new. I believe that every place deserves a second chance. I also took into chance that I was expecting (although my husband wasn't) and that made have had me a little off kilter. SO I've decided to try again and see what this visit produces. Check back for the update!